Careers Gone Wild……

Yo! who told you that our careers are systematically engraved in our heads that in fact our degrees are a must? a must for the norm when in fact furiously its catered for our “being”.Feverish young professionals with a academic background clueless and oblivious to the actual world of “Lets do lunch”. O excuse me “Brunch”. Don’t even get my started on the quote marks. Where we are all forced in our very own industries of self loathing self edifying loveliness of nothing. Indeed where we are encouraged to fit in, when in fact to “fit in” meaning do as i do. Forced to do as I do, disillusioned  industry of lunches, brunches, crunchers. A lie consumed by alcohol infested addictions of bitter sweet cheek and air kisses stretched out with pity. The larger than life agency ego’s with Pinterest the new obsessed and instagram. their really RAD bodies. A kitchen staff primarily there to stock every kind of alcohol imaginable to drown deepest pities and hurts, breakfast meeting to justify our very status.  ” A self obsessed industry full of love and hate, Media status Quo and our very need to be noticed. Super charged industry full of a mixed breed of humans with a heirachy of Soldiers, Cow boys and indians. (Maybe sheriffs) i guess this depends on the size of the gun that you enter with or whether you entered with a bow and arrow  I call it. More importantly what’s your gun loaded with.

The yearly congratulations to the fresh faced indians now unleashed into a battlefield where some are forced to fight immediately with their bow and arrows, but sadly some to surrender their flags immediately….

Did you Dress for Me….

I wonder who women dress for? Other Women or Men?

A valid question to ask yourself when dressing in the morning for work or dressing to meet those friends even a trip to the market. Women tend to sometimes dress for each other i believe as we more than often cherish what these others think? someone once told me you truly find freedom when you lest care about what others think. Is this true? or is it how we are perceived? A very basic question we ask ourselves when planning and outfit, “How much do i really care?” what first comes to mind, my comfort? my appeal? my success? my desire? Wow surely we all go through these kindled mindsets in certain stages in our life. I call it the 20 Something MISHAPS! where we dress according to our stature. Truth be told most of the time OTHERS fail to notice, most importantly fail to give the required acknowledgement. Did you dress for me? indeed more so i fail to debate in mind that i dressed for myself.

This pics below came to mind. Did i dress for myself? only i knew when i stood in front of that mirror and agreed.

Man Vs Me

In all my 20 something years the cliches of dating never fails to amuse me. The norms of meeting a person with that attraction to date anticipatiing where it all may lead has always ended in a game of cat and mouse. The horrid normality in the world eyes of questioning! Constant questioning which equals to the emotion of standing on a stage in a spelling bee. The unessecary questions where you are forced to appear complicated when in fact your laid back persona is pressed against the simple facts of  inappropiateness.

Have you ever been attracted to a person who in every way was the total opposite of what you desired and your  dating norm questioning the simplicity of courting. Simple facts lets just get to know each other without me having to decode my every being within the first week. This was a new encounter.

One recently encountered girl meets boy situation, girl and boy had nothing in common aside from  beliefs and values. Upon first meeting boy my very being was consumed with genuine excitement due to the  point of difference his general attire even his name My mind was made up, “yes” out of the comfort zone. Taking the leap of new aquaintances.

Upon surpressing every being of my personal life  purposely hoping to minimise exaggerated excitement  and getting in too deep with slight observation of the wonderful childish game of cat and mouse persisted to the point where boredom took place leaving behind all traces of emotional evidence now for the first time to be swept under the carpet.

Never to say no regrets as my head strong personality and un shakable confidence once again was met by  Men vs Me. MAN= 1 ME=0 zero equalling the scoring for capturing my attention and failing  to persist.

Social Catastrophe…

Have you ever sat in a situation, when more than 70% of the time the answer is sat in front on of you wide-eyed. Have you ever wondered about the person sat opposite you on the train. Their names, their mindset or the very challenges they face. Our self obsessed world where we now overlook the simple pleasures of positive acknowledgement of others as a crazed attitude. Our unnatural openness to distant our selves from any minor emotional engagement with strangers around us. The social judgements we make towards one another. It seems our beloved  self obsessed attitudes have now led to  earthly speculations and judgements about one another. The social judgements we make  about the loudest person at an intimate party or the quietest at a dinner party. “Have you ever judged a book by its cover?”. The personal judgement made upon a  guy who walked into a department store  scruffy dressed  furiously cased by security yet paid £6000 in cash for a watch. “Does this mean that you should dress according to your wealth“? What about the corporate worlds judgements in terms of “Company culture”. “Does this mean we have to work and act a certain way to fit in and meet culture.” The simple judgements made towards those who do not offer seats to the less able to stand, additionally the lack of interest shown with their genuine shock. Lately its all about the shady judgements made because of the lack of eye contact. These days to appear confident its acceptable to stare down your opponent like a lion watching its prey and the fresh social judgement “The postcode”. Where you are now decoded via the spots you hang out, the area you live and the kind of places you eat.

Why are we so compelled to judge people who are not us? or in other words “Should be like us” Could it be that our obsessed selves judge every aspect of our lives, social habits, people and attitudes because of judgements made upon us by others?

After all ISNT IT TRUE, no one can or has the right to judge us except GOD?

The Scent of a Lady….

They say the scent of a woman might conjure a love to arouse a slavish sexual compulsion, which is the subtext behind majority of fragrance campaigns. Names such as Rush, Euphoria, Crave these scents emboldened by promises that aid women to succumb to various scented strategies to entice men.

The ultimate play of transition changes from the scent worn around our girlfriends to that deep scent of sugar perfume for the men. Our sugar smell and sugar behaviour differs around these male friends expressing ladylike sweet characters, later to be met by our ladylike mishaps?


All external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remember by reminding yourself that you are going to die, is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.


Aurevoir 2011!!

Let’s raise our glass towards another new year to remind us, before we pop the champagne and celebrate the new coming year, we should stop and reflect the year that we’ve left behind us, to remember our triumphs and mishaps our promises made and broken, the times we opened our selves up to great adventures or close our self down from the fear of getting hurt. Let’s all remember what our new years is all about getting another chance. The chance to forgive, to do better to do more to give more and to love more, so have a little faith in others and yourself, stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be. As we hope for the blessing of seeing a new year take the time to reflect appreciate and improve.

20 Something Lady..

huh! so the 20 something Lady, who according to society is ” old” enough to mother a child yet young enough to make mistakes, our generation where 40 something Men leave their wives for?? Our 20 something desires led by Love and careers all pointed to that 1960s Art Deco house surrounded by crisp white picket fences. Our 20 something minds lay wide awake, mastering our next move to overcome the hurdles in our 20 something Careers before our 2.1 Children! Our 20 something visual self equals our mathematical expenses added to our 20 something yearly salaries that helps eliminate our 20 something age wrinkles. ‘O how’ Our 20 something mindsets are driven by media and social norms of tweeting. Not to mention those 30 something year old friends who now expect us to distinguish the difference between Olay of Ulay, Clarins and Nivea Q-tip! Bullish branded young professionals with magazine subscriptions to ELLE, RED, In Style,VoGue and common lunch dates at Starbucks occasionally browsing the 4th floor in John Lewis for that sense of self. Maaaaan its hard being a 20 something lady?

But I guess my 20 something age see’s me smart, desired and young enough to still enjoy our 20 something year life.

Princess on the circle line….

There i was sat in confusion on the circle line, a line defined ONLY by the colour if its poles a cyclist nightmare, helmet in one hand rucksack in the other, questioning motives as to why i was actually sat uncomfortably on this train, listening to a hard faced pedestrian blast P-diddy i’ll be missing you’ loudly through hes headphones. I glimpsed  around hoping for a sign or confirmation that surely someone else can hear what i hear, kindly followed by a verified nod from the gentleman sat opposite me flashing he’s fang like teeth, and another laughing to somehow signal to the headphone guy “DUDE, your music  too  loud”. Suddenly there she was a little girl screeching open questions with her child like voice of the where about of her sister. She frantically started to what i can imagine scan the tube floors for her sisters shoes amongst the crowded circle line floor. She shouted, THERE!, “i can see you glittery shoes”. Immediately with the sense of calmness that her sister is nearby, she happily turns to me through the glass window and shouts ‘Hi’  she then asks, “What’s your name?” Pearl i replied, “what’s yours?” she answered: Eren, she offers me a hand shake, please to meet you she added. All eyes on this extremely polite girl, she opens her purse to show me  the amount of money she had in her purse, a purse full of coins,  i asked if we can share?. To the amusement of the guy sat next to me who broke the conversation with a larger than life laughter. Upon leaving i hear her little voice fade away in the distance explaining to her sister, her social encounter with a stranger “ME”.


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